Hamirpur – Politics

This segment of Himachal Pradesh is also known as politically hot segment in state politics. BJP had a greater influence on this particular region. In 1967, Kanshiram Thakur elected as first non congress MLA from this segment, Ramesh Verma of congress remain MLA from 1972 to 1977. Later in 1977, an advocate by profession ‘Thakur Jagdev Chand (Nephew of Kanshiram Thakur) became the MLA of Hamirpur Vidhan Sabha seat by defeating Ramesh Verma.

Thakur Jagdev Chand was a stalwart political figure of Himachal Pradesh, represented this constituency till December his death on 6 December 1993 just a week after his 5th victory in a row. Thakur was the only minister in Shanta Kumar’s cabinet who managed the victory whereas Shanta Kumar himself and rest of his cabinet were defeated in 1993 assembly elections. BJP only won 7 seats. Narinder Thakur (son of Jagdev Chand) contested unsuccessfully the bi-election in 1994, whom BJP had selected after his father’s sudden demise. Anita Verma of Congress remained MLA till 1998. In 1998, BJP offered ticket to Mrs. Urmil Thakur, elder daughter in law of Thakur, and she successfully contested the election and remained on the post till 2003. Family dispute lead to the defeat of Urmil Thakur as Mr. Narinder Thakur contested election as an independent candidate an attracted over 10000 votes (a huge number where total number of votes were around 50000). Anita Verma of Congress became MLA of Hamirpur for the second time and remained on the post till December 2007.

Urmil Thakur (MLA 1998-2003 and 2007-2012) managed her victory on the BJP ticket and won December 2007 election along with full support of her brother in law Narinder Thakur this time, with a margin of 6901 votes. The sitting Chief Minister of Hiamchal Pradesh, Prem Kumar Dhumal managed to be on the post of Chief Minister in 1998 because of the strong ground prepared under leadership of Jagdev Chand, who was considered as a strongest contender of the post of chief minister after 1993 victory. As a tribute to a well respected leader among masses, state government opened a Government Degree College at Sujanpur and Town Hall at Hamirpur which were named after Thakur Jagdev Chand. A senior RSS member Thakur Ram Singh opened a history research institute at Neri, also named after the late Thakur Jagdev. Almost two decades have passed since Thakur died but his legacy and name still have considerable vote bank. Narinder Thakur openly revolted against the sitting P.K Dhumal. Anurag Thakur who won parliament bi-election for Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat with a huge margin 1.75 lack Aug 2008, his record margin was dropped by 1 lack votes in just 8 months. In May 2009 elections he won by 73000 votes when he contested against new Congress candidate Narinder Thakur, inspite of the fact on remaining 3 parliament seats in Himachal BJP actually gained.

In 2012 assembly election a new assembly segment was created after delimitation named Sujanpur, Urmil Thakur(BJP) and Anita Verma(Congress) contested unsuccessful election against an independent candidate. Prem Kumar Dhumal decided to contest from Hamirpur and won by 9300 votes against Congress candidate Narinder Thakur.

Narender Thakur successfully contested Sujanpur Bi-election in May 2014 on BJP ticket. Narender defeated Anita Rana, wife of Rajender Singh Rana who contested as Congress candidate by 538 votes. In 2017 elections Narinder Thakur contested from Hamirpur on BJP ticket and won by 5394 defeating the congress candidate Kuldeep Singh. Chief Minister candidate of BJP, Prem Kumar Dhumal was defeat by INC candidate Rajinder Singh 2933 on Sujanpur constituency.

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