Language is a constituent element of civilization. It raised man from a savage state to the place which he was capable of reaching. Language is one of the most marked and conspicuous as well as fundamental characteristics of the faculties of man. The common language of Himachal is known as ‘Himachali Pahari’

Lahaul & Spiti Lahauli (Sub-dialects are Gari (Bunam), Patari (Manchati), Trinani (Tinan), Tod Rangloi, Shipi and Lohar. In Spiti pure ‘Tibetan’ is spoken)
Kinnaur Kinnauri (Sub-dialects are ‘Sunnami’ , ‘Chitkul’ and ‘Rakdamme’). Rahul Sankritayan described it as ‘Hamkadaya Hamsakad’
Chamba Chambyali (four dialects are ‘Bharmauri’ in Bharmaur region, ‘Bhatiyali’ in Bhatiyat, ‘Churahi’ in Churah, and ‘Pangwali’ in Pangi area).
Kullu Kullui (Sub-dialects are ‘outer Siraji’,’Inner Siraji’ and ‘Sainji’)
Kangra, Hamirpur, Una, Joginder-nagar, Ghumarwin and Sarkaghat Kangari (sub-dialects are Shivalike, Kandi and Palampuri, ‘Gaddi’ is spoken by the inhabitants of the range which divides Kangra from Chamba. In Kangra Sub-division ‘Dogri’ and ‘Punjabi’ are also quite popular)
Bilaspur Kahluri (Also Known As ‘Bilaspuri’). ‘Hinduri’ (Nalagarhi) In And Around The Area Of Nalagarh.
Mandi Mandiyali in Mandi and Suketi in Suket
Solan Bhaghati (Sub-dialects are ‘Kumbare’ and ‘Arkiki’).
Sirmaur Sirmauri (two forms of dialect are ‘Giripari’ and ‘Giritari’)
Shimla and Solan Mahasuvi (It has six branches – Hinduri, Shimla, Sirji, Baradi, Saura Choli, Kirani and Kochi); Keonthali, Kotgarhi, Jubbali and Bhaghati are also part of it.

The people of the different parts of Himachal speak different languages. These differences in the language of the people had served to limit intergroup communication and perpetuate social isolation in the feudal past. But since the emergence of Himachal Pradesh as a separate entity and merger of Punjab hill areas with it, there have been serious efforts to evolve a common language of communication. Development of ‘Himachali Pahari’ and intensive use of ‘Hindi’ all over the Pradesh has helped in a great deal in removing cultural barrier and serving the cause of mutual goodwill and unification.

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